Decorative Mirrors - Eyewear of Giants

An exciting new line of Distinctive Decorative Mirrors called Eyewear of Giants. Iconic eyewear of Sir Elton John, Blues Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Elvis, Teddy Roosevelt, Buddy Holly, Stevie Wonder and many other possibilities!!!

Eyewear of Giants - Decorative Mirrors
Seen by thousands at the DJJD Northfield Arts Guild ARTS FAIR.
A beautiful couple of days down by the river in Northfield, Minnesota. 
It was so fun to see the excitement and smiles on people of all ages as they enjoyed my new line of Decorative Mirrors - Eyewear of Giants.  If you are interested in further information or ordering one of the decorative mirrors for    your home or office.  Email: or 612-968-5013. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new designs.    Jim Bohnhoff                                                                                           
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