Rural-Urban Walkingwear

"It is solved by Walking." Latin Proverb

All Walkingwear designs by Jim Bohnhoff Design.
                  Rural-Urban Walkingwear catalog cover featuring Deb Bohnhoff, Mari Bohnhoff,                               Erik Bohnhoff, Brendan O'Connell and Jim Bohnhoff.       Circa 1992
            Rural-Urban Walkingwear's - WALK SHOPPE located in the Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn.  Featuring Deb & Jim Bohnhoff.      Circa 1993
Rural-Urban Walkingwear's first shirt design by Jim Bohnhoff.  
Take a Walk...  Circa 1987.  This shirt was a big hit and sold very well in The Rare Pair/Clothes for Keeps in Northfield and in Bandana Square.  Featured on the cover of the Star and Tribune's Spring Fashion feature section. Also, featured in the SIGNALS mail order catalog.
Rural-Urban Walkingwear's second big shirt design hit.  WALK and be Happy.... WALK and be Healthy...  Featured in SIGNALS mail order catalog and sold thru retailers around the country.
Rural-Urban Walkingwear's third big shirt design hit.  WALK all four seasons. Featured in the WIRELESS mail order catalog and sold thru retailers throughout the country.
The WALKER'S Log, Calendar & Journal designed and produced by Jim Bohnhoff Design and published by Adventure Publications.  Copyright 1994.   
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